Storytime International Preschool Bangkok


Storytime Preschool provides a warm, happy, stimulating and challenging environment, fostering your child’s physical, mental, and social development through fun learning activities.

Licensed by the Ministry of Child and Social Welfare in 2003, our name is synonymous with quality child care and child development among local and expat communities in Bangkok.
Our curriculum and programs are designed to include motivating and challenging activities and learning situations which stimulate the development of early cognitive, physical, and social skills with a focus on creative play. Hence our school motto “When We Play, We Learn.” By making the learning process fun, we aim to instill in our children the basis for a life-long love of learning and the self-confidence to explore new concepts, situations, and experiences.
At Storytime Preschool, we focus on creating a safe, loving, nurturing and happy environment, which allows children to blossom to their full potential.



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