When We Play, We Learn

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‘When We Play, We Learn’ is Storytime International Preschool’s motto. And why is play so important?

Teaching does not need to be limited to books and blackboard. Games and activities are equally important and can be more than just fun for a preschooler because they also help with physical development and early learning.

When you see kids on a playground, they are most naturally physically active and they love to move around. Some of the benefits of being active are having strong muscles and bones, better sleep and being a happier child at school. Healthy, physically active kids also are more likely to be academically motivated.

The best way for kids to get active is by incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. At Storytime all students get an opportunity to play actively several times a day.

Play helps a child’s development in every area. A few simple examples are kicking or skipping. When a child kicks a ball across the room, he is practicing coordination by balancing on one foot to kick with the other. When throwing and catching a ball, a child practices hand-eye coordination and the ability to grasp.

It is important to know that children also practice and develop language skills during play.

It is important to remember that play is more than just fun for kids. It is how they learn and work out who they are.