Storytime Summer Camps



Summer is here and we are faced with the challenge of what to do with our preschoolers. 

But here at Storytime Preschool, we offer something a little different than the average preschool summer program. We have a huge shaded garden where we try to keep our students outside and active while learning valuable skills of coordination, teamwork and self-confidence. Inside the classrooms we have work and play space with experienced nannies and teachers to keep them busy.

Since we focus on different aspects of a child’s development, we have grouped the students into different categories. 
Ages 1.6 – 2.5 years old.

For our youngest group, we spice up our summer camp activities with different themes every week. Nap times are also included in our daily schedule. 
Ages 2.6 – 4 years old
Here we offer summer fun activities with our facilities like sand play and lots of water play time on the playground. Our camp also includes cooking projects and extra activities like yoga workshops. 
Ages 4.1- 6 years old
Our oldest preschoolers enjoy a mix of physical, creative and academic activities; art, science projects, physical education and storytelling.  

Storytime Preschool summer camp runs from July until mid August. For more information about summer camps please call 081-646-4535.