School Transportation

Storytime Preschool Bangkok provides a safe and efficient transportation service to most areas of Sukumvit, Ploenchit, Rajdamri, Sathorn and Silom.

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Our service is provided by 3 vans operated by responsible drivers who take pride in getting our children to and from school safely and on time.

Storytime Preschool follows a few simple rules, to ensure the safety and comfort of our students.

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An attendant or a teacher assistant always rides in the van with the children. She is also required to assist each child from the van to the school grounds and to safely drop each child off at the front door of their home.

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Seat belts are installed for each child. The vans do not make stops except for picking up and dropping off the children. When a child is picked up or dropped off, the time is recorded for the school’s reference. Parents are also required to sign a ‘drop off sheet’ when their child is dropped off at home.

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The vans are equipped with car seats for children under 2 years old.

A list of parents’ telephone numbers travels with the van, and the telephone numbers of drivers and attendants are given to parents for easy communication.


The school also offers a free private shuttle service to and from the school from Sukumvit Road and back. Parents using the BTS or public transportation find this free shuttle very convenient and safe.