The Importance of Effective Communication


In a school, especially for younger children, communication with parents plays a very important part in the child’s school life. Parents need to know what is going on in the classroom and effective communication builds trust.

At Storytime Preschool, we believe in communicating with parents through emails, phone calls, daily report books and regular newsletters.
Every day, the class teacher writes in the ‘MY DAY’ daily journal, which is sent home in the child’s bag. This is an informal day to day chat with a teacher to parent and vise versa. The teacher’s entries in the journal cover the child’s daily experiences in school, meals, homework, naps and more. It also provides parents and teachers with an informal way to chat on a day to day basis, as parents often add comments for teachers to read when the child takes the journal back to school on the following day.

A bi–weekly newsletter is also sent out every otherFriday informing parents about what happened in the past 2 weeks and what is coming up in class. We try to make our newsletters as informative and fun to read as possible, and they usually include pictures of children participating in different activities in and out of the classroom.

We also conduct Parent-Teacher Conferences three times per year, one on one meetings with the class teacher regarding the child’s progress and development. Parents receive the child’s report card with details of every subject for the term.

In addition, parents are always encouraged to meet class teachers after school to talk about any questions or concerns they may have.