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A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities. Throughout the day all children have access to a wide range of both planned and unplanned activities.  Routines include meal and snack times, outdoor play, sleep and rest periods. Activities are planned in line with school curriculum.
The school day starts at 8.30 am every morning. All children must be personally received by school staff. Parents must ensure that our staff is aware that their child is in the playground or on the premises before they leave. No child should be left unattended at the entrance of the school and parents must stay with their child if they arrive at school before 7.45 am until school staff arrives.
The children arrive and start the day in a group together, either with circle time, storytelling or a ‘show and tell’ session. All students use both the indoor and outdoor areas throughout the day to develop their gross and fine motor skills.
Children take part in many different activities, which are carefully planned to enable them to progress in their development using ‘learn by doing’ practical methods.
Our general routine looks like this:
Types of Attendance Available
  • Half Day: 8.30 am – 12 noon
  • Full Day:  8.30 am – 2. 30 pm
  • After School Care:  2.30 – 5.30 pm
  • Part Time: 3 days a week option available

    Fun Fridays
    We have selected Fridays as a ‘fun and free’ days. Your child will participate in various activities with other classes, such as baking, a picnic at the park, water play, parachute activities or carnivals, sports, zumba, dance and more. Various independent companies in Bangkok conduct most of the Friday activities. Children should come wearing our PE uniforms on Fun Fridays.

    School ends at 2.30 pm. Parents are requested to pick up their child not later than 2.45 pm.  In case of a delay, parents should call and inform the office immediately.  Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) ends at 3.30pm and After School Care is available until 5.30pm upon request.