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Instilling Good Health Habits

We at Storytime recognize the importance of reinforcing good health habits at an early age. Besides including the personal hygiene habits of washing hands, brushing teeth, and keeping neat and clean in the daily routine, one of our regular activities is paying a visit to the dentist. Every 6 months we plan a visit to the dentist for a general checkup and application of fluoride. These visits have proven to be very successful as the children slowly become accustomed to and even grow fond of visiting the dentist as a fun activity.

Sick Child Policy

It is very important for us as a preschool to adhere to a sick child policy. This aids in helping to maintain a healthy school environment, keep our children well, and stop the spread of illness.
We implement the following measures and request parents to kindly support us.
  •  Upon arrival every morning, the temperature of each child is taken and their hands cleaned with sanitizing hand gel. The thermometer used is a non-contact infrared thermometer produced by Santa Medical USA. A child is considered sick and not fit to attend school if they have a temperature of 100 F / 37.7 C or higher.
  • If your child becomes ill at school and the teacher feels the child is too sick to benefit from school or may be contagious, we will contact you and request that you arrange pick-up of your child immediately.

A Safe and Secure Environment

The safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us. All areas of the school are child-proofed with padded corners and sealed outlets. All areas of the grounds are secured by walls, fences, and child-proof gates, ensuring your child stays safe at all times.
Fire drills are a routine practice every 3 months. All staff undergoes regular training and refresher courses regarding first aid and safety measures to take in case of fire or other emergency.

Van Transport Safety

Storytime provides fully-insured van service to transport children to and from school. Children are accompanied by a member of our teaching staff on every trip. Safe, clean, air-conditioned vans are equipped with mobile phones & safety belts. For students 2 years and below a car seat is required to be provided by the parents. All drivers are reliable, long-time employees of the school, well trained for the safe transport of our children.
When your child is dropped off, we require you or your nanny to confirm safe receipt of your child by signing the driver’s log book.

Temporary Parking

For parents who use their own transportation, temporary parking is provided at the school, allowing for a safe pick- up and drop-off spot away from traffic and within the grounds.

Pick up Authorization

In order to maintain the security and safety of your child, we request you to inform the school in advance if there are any changes with regards to the person responsible for picking your child up from school. The school will not release your child to any person unknown to us unless we receive a prior email or phone call from you, specifically naming the person whom you have authorized.

In Case of Accident

Each child attending Storytime Preschool is covered by basic accident insurance. Should an accident occur and we feel medical attention is required, we will immediately inform you or your designated contact person of the occurrence and decide with you mutually on the best course of action to be taken.
In cases of small incidents, for instance a bump or a bruise, a ‘Boo-Boo Form’ will be sent home with your child to inform you.